We’re going to have a Samosa party tonight..

People often ask me “Manoj. What do you miss most about a having to give up Wheat? Pizza? Bread? Pasta?” My answer is always SAMOSAS! So imagine my delight when I heard about 24 Carrot market based in the lovely surroundings of St Paul Square in Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. I checked the stall holders and discovered that a lady named Afia would be there selling her WHEAT FREE SAMOSAS AND PAKORA. That was it for me. All week I was counting down the minutes until the market…

It was the first time I had met Afia and I felt like I had know this friendly young lady forever. Amongst having a ton of laughs, we had a massive chat about her business and aspirations. It really impressed me that she really is a one woman Samosa making machine, running her whole business out of her kitchen at home (although at this time she had an apprentice who had just started to work with Afia). It was clear to me that she has lots of ideas, and is a someone who supports her local community by working and supporting events in her local area of Selly Oak.

Afia and her products

Onto the food. Afia creates 10 types of Samosa! With 5 of those suitable for vegans! Did I mention they are wheat free?! Afia told me about the painstaking trial and error process of months it took her to devise her own wheat free flour for the Samosas. Top secret of course. On this day, Afia had brought along a big selection of her range along with facilities to fry fresh Samosas.

Afia's Samosa Shop

I tried a Traditional Vegetable and a Spicy Daal with her amazing homemade Tamarind sauce with was thick and tangy. I had never tried, or even seen Daal as a Samosa filling before, and this one filled me up! After 2 Samosa and a couple of Pakoras I was stuffed! One the left is the Daal, and right it Traditional Vegetable.

Daal and Traditional Vegetable

Samosas and Pakoras are available freshly fried or can be picked up frozen to be cooked at a later date. When ordering a large amount (which I plan to do for my birthday this year!) about 7 days notice is required.


I really wish Afia’s Samosa shop all the best for the future and I urge you all to try her products and support her!

Afia’s Samosa Shop

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