Manna roast…

Primrose Hill is probably my favourite area of London. There is nothing I like more than to have a slow walk to the top of the hill, and look out onto the madness of London where it is almost silent. On ground level, you will find many independent businesses in beautiful and colourful shop fronts. The last two times I have been in Primrose Hill I have spotted Russell Howard and Nick Grimshaw. Just saying..


I visited Manna for Sunday lunch with my sister (a wheat and meat eater) and we had a delightful time. Manna is fully Vegan restaurant and has strong ethics in regards to Wheat and Gluten. I love this piece on their website. Even their wines are vegan and organic.

We had a table booked for 12:30 which was a good time as by the time we left, the place was bustling but never did feel rushed. The front of the restaurant is a lovely conservatory which houses a table which I feel would be a lovely place to sit and eat.

Before I came in, I had my heart set on the roast but there was so much variety on the menu that I would love to go back and sample more dishes. (The Baja Californian plate is what I am having next time!) Although after speaking with the waitress, the specials are almost always Wheat free.

This day, the Sunday roast was a smashing number which left me very full and ready to face the rest of a busy day in London. The roast was a Cashew nut and Spinach one. The addition of Spinach made the roast much more moist and easier to swallow in comparison to other vegan nut roasts that are served elsewhere. Topped with shredded Beetroot was a nice addition which complemented the other flavours well. This all was rested on a bed of Kale, Carrots, half cut new Potatoes with a delicious gravy. The size and variety of the roast is what struck me the most and I was highly impressed. Washed down with a Coconut water, made me very happy today.

Manna roast

Manna also hold special events such as cooking classes and have a plethora of different cake they create themselves. Manna is worth a trip for sure and you probably haven’t heard about it. Just go.


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