Wheat free Bread with no egg!!!!

I have managed to find one and I’m going to share it with you all now! I seem to be searching high and low for a decent loaf of wheat free bread, and have tried them all. Supermarket own brand, Genius, DS, you name it I have tried it. The only one that is decent and a view shared by my brothers and sisters online too is this one from Genius…

BUT contains that dried egg white. YUK.

I nipped into my local CO-OP and had a look at their free from section not expecting to find anything of use to me. But then I found this!

Dietary Special Wholesome Seeded Sliced Loaf!

DS egg and wheat free

It was delicious! It actually tasted of something, soft and stayed intact when I made a sandwich.

Vegan and wheat free sandwich

I used violife cheese slices in this one. I also recommend these too especially being soya free too.

violife slices

Slice size is on the small size as with all wheat free breads unfortunately. But it certainly made up for it in taste.

DS wheat free

The bread is not quite vegan as it contains Honey but the lack of egg is certainly an improvement, so maybe someday the Honey could get removed in a future recipe.


Cheesy business

Now I am not one for eating microwaveable ready meals. I’m afraid of microwaves. But the good folks at 100%vegan in Birmingham told me that sell tonnes of this product. And I’m up for trying things once.

Here is it. Amy’s Kitchen rice mac and cheese!

Mac and Cheeze

It was obviously very easy to prepare but it was STEAMING HOT when it came out the microwave and disintegrated a great deal.

After the microwave

Fat content is so bad!

Fat content

Overall it tasted decent. It wasn’t very filling so maybe it’s suitable for those days when you haven’t had time to make lunch for work.