The difference between Gluten and Wheat?

This question is a good place to start as it was one of many questions rushing around my head the night I opened my test results. It’s still a question I am asked now. And if I’m curious, then you must be too!

Before I found out about my Wheat Intolerance I was aware of this gluten thing and tried to make a conscious effort to cut it out of my diet. But I think like most people, I thought gluten was the same as wheat, and you hear “free from gluten” or “gluten free” everywhere as companies try to use these terms to inflate prices. But I digress.

I fell into this trap quite naively a few weeks ago and had a reactions to the evils of wheat when your body can’t have it. Everyone remembers the times they have wheat or gluten when they shouldn’t right? I certainly won’t forget this episode!

So there I was. In Tesco. Picking up a new sauce which was proud to say “FREE FROM GLUTEN” with a massive tick. Quicker than you can say “have you checked the ingredients you muppet?!” I was dipping my mums Pakoras in this strange spicy sauce.

And then it happened… stomach was inflated. Left scratching my head to why this was happening, I went back and read the ingredients and looked up anything that looked suspect and cross referenced it with awesome booklet that came with my CNS laborities test results. The offender? MODIFIED STARCH!! Usually made from Wheat!!

The next few days ensued of the usually tiredness, nausea and headaches. Not to mention the frustration and the feeling of no matter how careful you are, some product or ingredient will always pop up and bite you on the ass.

After all the self pity ended, I started to feel better, I decided to not be so hard on myself, and after a pep talk from my nutritionist, I got even more clued up about wheat and decided that I am still in the learning phase and it won’t always be like this.

That’s the feeling I would like to convey to anyone who has been in this position. You have to be able to do all you can to avoid these issues and take no chances with your health. I was lazy in this instance.

The big hint should have come when I read this which did initially fuel my confusion!

Big wheat free hint..

This is a great glossary which would be a good thing to try to learn or at least have on hand to refer to:


What experiences have you had with accidentally ingesting that dreaded wheat or gluten? Any tips to dealing with it when it happens?